Do you want to learn how to address transport challenges? 

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Some of the challenges that you as a transport professional need to address include:

  • unacceptable number of road crashes
  • increasing traffic congestion, resulting in low travel speeds and long delays
  • traffic incidents which mean unreliable travel times
  • freight vehicles and buses getting caught up in congestion, reducing reliability and increasing costs
  • low mode share for passenger transport requiring ongoing subsidies 
  • and many more.

Successful professionals know how to develop effective solutions to these challenges.
In just 6 weeks you too can develop this expertise in getting results ... read on

Addressing Transport Challenges 

There is a growing need for transport professionals with specialist strategic analysis skills, expertise in getting results and delivering value for money. Finding solutions for transport problems is a key skill to protect your future career.

In this course on Addressing Transport Challenges you will learn how to identify what is important, where to focus your effort and be able to develop transport strategies and practical solutions that meet the expectations of today's decision makers.

This self-study online course will show you how to analyse transport problems, develop strategy, work with key stakeholders, present the case for a decision and deliver the result. You can work at your own pace, when and where it suits you.

What is in the course?

  1. Six (6) modules covering Challenges, Strategy, Partners, Options, Decisions and Delivery (see all the details below), so you can develop specialist strategic analysis skills and get results
  2. Easy to follow short Video presentations (14 videos up to 25 mins long - total 2 hrs 15 mins), so you can learn in short time periods, when it suits you 
  3. Audio (from the video) so you can listen offline - such as while out walking, on your commute, or doing chores
  4. Notes on each module to supplement the videos (not just transcripts) - you can view online or download (90 pages), so you can build on what you learned in the videos and have as a future reference
  5. Undertake Exercises on each module, so you can apply what you learn to real world challenges
  6. As an option you can submit your exercises, so you can get feedback  
  7. Self-Assessment Scorecard so you can assess your capabilities before and after the course. 

Course Curriculum

Phil Charles

Professor Phil Charles is a practitioner and skilled educator and trainer with wide-ranging experience in government, consulting and academia. He has extensive experience in strategy development, business cases, transport planning and operations and professional capability development.

Phil is an Honorary Professor at the University of Queensland in Brisbane, an Adjunct Professor at the University of Southern Queensland and has qualifications in civil engineering, transport, business and public administration and higher education.

Previous students came from these organisations

Feedback from previous students

  • As a transport planner I found the content and material was practical and could be easily applied to my day to day work activities. 
  • The tools explained provide pragmatic, practical aides for immediate use at work. 
  • Direct relation to my present planning position.
  •  Gave me tools to address the work challenges in planning. 
  • Provides a good foundation for planning and developing strategy. 
  • It is a comprehensive overview of how to successfully negotiate a transport issue. 
  • The whole approach to looking at transport decisions from a defined problem perspective was most useful. 
  • The realisation that it is extremely important to put a lot of effort into really identifying the transport problem was most useful. Don’t be constrained by your thinking.